Does this hurt your teeth?


I had the great opportunity to work with Trizz Productions on this project for Sensodyne. My responsibility was to create simulations for three separate spots showing elements of cold and heat. These invite the viewer to take an online test on the Sensodyne website. The three spots consisted of a unique element each, Ice water, Coffe and an Ice lolly who all deliver the message in different ways.

I was mostly tasked with creating heat and dry ice steam to be used both in fully cgi sequences and composited over live action footage to give that extra feeling of cold or heat. Using the Pyro toolkit within Houdini I was able to create detailed simulations that were used in a great deal of the shots in the three separate spots. 

In the end the client chose to go with two of the spots we created highlighting cold through ice water and heat through coffee.

Some of the work I did on the project.