Miracle Broth Spot

Some of the work I did on the project.


I had the great opportunity to work with Trizz Productions on this project for La Mer. The spot aimed to explain how connected the signiature beauty creme, creme de la mer is to nature. Through a mix of live action and CGI, the spot brings the viewer on a journey from ocean to final product.

My part in this project was divided inbetween three different parts. I mainly worked on a shot of a wave that moves in an almost otherworldly manner. To manage this I created a custom setup utulizing the ocean tools withing Houdini. Making the base animation rely on deformation instead of simulation I was able to make changes in a quick and agile way. 

Other than the wave I developed a procedural setup for generating kelp in the R&D phase of the project. I was also responsible of creating two different shots of a drop. One was free falling with a wave being animated on the top of the drop. The other was a fluid simulation where the drop took the shape and movement of smoke on impact with a surface.