Campaign for Audi tires directed by Ten Times for BBH London

The finished spot in one of the ratios we delivered


On this project I worked together with Analog Studio to deliver a campagin with animated elements and print images for Audi Quatro. 

The task at hand was to create 4 different animations that would each represent a season. These animations are meant to be an abstract version of an audi tire kicking up each element in to the air where you would see them in their full glory in slow motion.

I created the simulations and renders for winter(snow) and autmn(leaves). In such a clean environment where the elements pop out a lot, it was important the the simulations really could stand on their own and held up in detail. Since the animations ramp down to an equivalent of 1000 fps and without any motion blur there was no room for cheating. The snow ended up being the biggest challenge. With a combination of the grains in houdini point shader in vray, I think the result came out looking pretty nice. Originally there was supposed to be a pulse from the center of the wheel to carry each cut between the animations however this idea was scrapped along the way.

All in all I'm very happy with the result. I think coming from Sweden might have been a plus here since we have either snow/cold or rain and wet leaves on the ground almost 70% of the year.